The students who pass will in most cases pay attention to the following ideas, and they have an easy experience with the task at hand

Compelling ideas for your research paper on language acquisition

One of the characteristics that is unique to humans is the acquisition of language by children. When asked to write a research paper on language acquisition, one of the first things that you will need to do is to choose your topic. You can discuss this with your instructor or even the fellow students. Pose the question as one that is to be answered or a problem that needs to be solved.

Find, choose and read sources

You will need to go through various sources such as:

  • Periodical indexes, library catalog, bibliographies as well as suggestions from an instructor
  • Books, journals and other documents

Grouping, sequencing as well as documenting information

You can use a system that can help you to stay organized. Some of the recommended systems include:

  • A system that organizes notes on some bibliography cards
  • A system that organizes materials as per its importance
  • A system that helps to take note

Outline and prospectus

You will need to start by considering the topic and why you find it important. Think about the relevant background material as well as the thesis. Consider also the organization plan that will help to support your purpose.


In the introduction, you should include some contextual information or relevant background. You can also explain the papers focus as well as the specific purpose.

It is believed that children usually acquire a new language by imitating their parents, caregivers as well as other people around their environment. This is one area that can make a good research paper. Here you can start with a definition and brief history on language acquisition. However, there are also suggestions that language acquisition is innate.

The body

You should use the prospectus and outline to write the body. A good idea would be to write the essay based on the points that you are trying to make. Ensure that the sources have been integrated into the discussion. Also analyze, evaluate, summarize and explain the work rather than just reporting it.


In case the paper has a complex point or argument, a good idea would be to summarize your argument for the reader. If you feel that you have gotten to the conclusion but you are yet to explain the finding’s significance, use the paper’s end to add to the points and explain their significance.