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How to Organize a Title Page of a Research Paper Properly: 5 Useful Tips

When you write a research paper, you have to focus on more than just a main idea. You have to take care of the structure and the appearance of the composition and of the other additional elements like the title page. If you don’t know how to make a research paper title page, you will find these tips very useful!

  1. Keep it simple! You might be tempted to use colored fonts or to make the page pink, but this won’t get you the positive attention that you want. Remember that you are making an academic research paper title page and every element needs to be appropriate. Keep the font simple and classic and the page white.
  2. Make sure the title is bigger than everything else. It has to be centered in the middle of the page and the size of the font needs to be bigger than the rest of the words. You can even make it with bold letters if you really want it to stand out. If you don’t know what title you should choose, try this website or a research paper titles generator.
  3. Write the name of your teacher and the name of your school in the bottom of the page, in the middle. This will show not only gratitude towards your professor but also respect and commitment.
  4. Write the date in the right upper corner. Use a smaller font than what you use for the rest of the title page. If you want, under the title of the research paper you can write a line that will define your assignment.
  5. Write your name in the corner, not in the middle of the paper. Many students write their name right under the title, but this is not correct. The best thing to do is to write your name in the left upper corner with smaller font.

It is not difficult at all to create a good title page as long as you follow our instructions!