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15 Unique Research Paper Topics Related to Jane Austen

If you don’t have a topic yet for your Jane Austen research paper, you came to the right place! We have for you amazing research paper topic examples that will impress your teacher. At the same time, they are very easy to write about so you don’t have to waste too much time with this assignment. You can choose the one that fits your style! Just look at this now, the list of topics was carefully considered especially for you.

  1. The life of Jane Austen. If you want something simple that won’t take too much of your time, you can write about the life of Jane Austen and how her life influenced her art.
  2. The most important six novels of Jane Austen. This is one of the greatest research paper topic examples as it is not only easy, but also interesting.
  3. Was Jane Austen a feminist? You can use her art to explain why yes or why not.
  4. Would the life of Jane Austen be different if she would be a male? Were the females not taken seriously in those times, especially if they were doing art? Build your research paper on Jane Austen around this idea.
  5. Pride and Prejudice; why is this considered to be her most representative piece of art? Look at this now for a clear explanation!
  6. The author is very harsh with a certain category of people in Pride and Prejudice. Is she fair with this?
  7. Is Emma a representation of her feminist ideas?
  8. Are the characters from Emma any similar to the people from Jane’s life?
  9. What were the obstacles that Jane Austen met while trying to publish her work?
  10. Sense and Sensibility; a representation of love, hate and sensibility.
  11. Are male characters not as well defined as the female ones in the art of Jane Austen?
  12. Imagine a different end for one of her novels; which one would you choose?
  13. The impotence of Females in Jane Austin’s novels: give some paragraphs as examples!
  14. Charlotte and her personality compared to Lydia.
  15. Persuasion: what is the moral of the novel?