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6 Elements Of A Strong Research Paper About William Shakespeare

Shakespeare is one of the most read writers of all times. From his poetry to plays, he presents incredible ideas for research paper on English literature. There are important elements that will make your paper interesting and captivating to read. Here are suggestions by experienced professors who have understand English and literature assignments.

  1. An Interesting Topic – the topic you select determines the reception your paper gets from scholars and fellow students. If it is interesting, your paper will be a hit and attract a good grade. With a mundane topic, no one will be interested in reading through your work. Here are interesting research paper topics Shakespeare to consider.
    • Influences of the life of Shakespeare on his writing
    • The treatment of women in his works
    • The contribution Shakespearean works had on English language
    • Application of Shakespearean ideas in the world today
    • Shakespeare and his treatment of death
    • When poetry meets the play
    • The stylistic devices that are common in Shakespearean plays
    • Evidence that some of the works were not written by Shakespeare
    • The effects of translation on the message in Shakespearean works
    • Simplifying Shakespeare to children
  2. Facts – the works of Shakespeare are widely read. It will be suicidal to misrepresent any work. This calls for thorough reading of the works and consultation to ensure that you capture elements like theme, language, setting, context, etc right.
  3. Formatting – the formatting used for research paper on English Literature differs from other subjects, especially pure sciences. Request your teacher to give clear directions on the formatting style to be used. Be consistent in using a single formatting style. You may also use samples to make formatting easier for your paper.
  4. Right Structure – the organization of your work determines how easy a reader will follow your arguments or discussion. Identify all sections that should go into your paper. They include the introduction, body and conclusion. Know the materials that are to introduce your paper. Be conscious of facts, diagrams and other presentation elements that justify your discussion in the body. Be precise in the conclusion and leave a lasting impression. The right structure makes your paper interesting to read.
  5. Proper Language – the content of a research paper William Shakespeare is carried in language. If you are writing in English, use the correct tenses, paragraph the paper accordingly, use punctuation and proper phrasing. It makes it easier for a reader to follow your argument. With poor language, even the most interesting idea will be lost in the errors.
  6. Edit – this is an exercise aimed at clearing your paper from errors. You are at liberty to engage a professional editor is the need arises. This will polish your discussion and make the paper more interesting to read.

The best paper on William Shakespeare and his work relies heavily on facts. Read his literature thoroughly to give you proper basis for your work. Edit to clear any errors that might distort your arguments.