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Useful Advice On How To Write Research Paper Quotations In A Proper Way

A paper that is properly cited is interesting to read. You can easily differentiate between original content and quotations from other writers. This prevents confusion and ensures that your ideas are clearly understood. Here are tips on how to quote in a research paper APA. They have been given by professionals and will assist you in producing the best quality paper.

General APA Citation Rules

  • All proper nouns in the citation must be capitalized. This includes initials and names of authors of cited works.
  • When making reference to the title of any work in your paper, all words that are four letters or longer must be capitalized. The shorter words should be omitted if they are adjectives, pronouns, adverbs or adjectives. You should, however, note that when creating the reference list, only the first name of the title will be in capital letters.
  • If the title of your book or reference material is hyphenated, both words should be in capital letters. This especially applies to compound words.
  • Where the words are followed by a colon or dash, the first word after the dash or colon must be in capital.
  • There are instances where the title of your book or reference materials is long. Such a title should be in italics or underlined. This applies to titles of movies, documentaries, albums, television series, etc.
  • If the title of a short part of a longer journal, television series, song title, etc, opening and closing quotation marks should be used.

Some of these rules might be difficult to understand. However, using a research paper APA template makes it easier to execute the rules. Ensure that the template is proofread and, where possible, obtained from a credible source like the library, from your teacher, credible online database, etc.

  • Short Quotations using APA Format
    These are quotations that are a few words or a sentence long. They are easily lost within your work. This calls for caution when making the quotation to avoid misinterpretation. If your quotation is direct from the work, you need to include the name of the author, the year the work was published and the page number from where you have obtained the work. You need to introduce your quotation and ensure that the name of the author is captured. Where the name of the author is not captured in the signal phrase, it must be included in the parenthesis within the quotation.
  • Long Quotation Using APA
    These are quotations that could be longer than 40 words or several sentences. They stand alone and do not require quotation marks. The quotation starts on a new line and are indented half an inch inside the margin. The year, page and name of author should come at the end of the quotation if they are not part of the signaling phrase.