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Useful Things To Know About The Format Of A Research Paper Bibliography

While working on the research paper you come across various books, CDs, online material, thesis website and newspaper etc. for crafting an excellent document containing facts, data, and statics. The authenticity of the document not only depends on the data but on the source from where you have collected it. The reference material you choose is highly important. The research paper bibliography contains the sources list from where you have collected the information to frame the report. It is that the end of the project and hence, it's the last page of the report or last pages depending on the number of references you used. So, if you finding any difficulty in finding the bibliography cards for research paper do stick to our article, we will show you how you can write it?

How to write a Bibliography

It would be quite easy for you to write the bibliography of your report if you are responsible enough to note down the name of each book, website, documents, articles, and CDs from where you have taken your content. While writing considers the points written below:

  • Do not write full and final research paper bibliography at once. Prepare a draft on a sheet of paper first.
  • Note each fact and reference on a separate piece of paper and recheck when you are done with the final writing.
  • Always write the author name, publication and Edition number of year at end of each book name.
  • In case you're taking reference of any interview, note down both the interviewee and interviewer. The channel or the blog for which the person has taken the interview with date and time including the place also.
  • Use bullets number to add sequence to your references.
  • There are different formats and crafts of bibliography. Choose the one you find suitable for your document.
  • Last but not the least, ask your tutor before framing the final structure whether the format and sequence are acceptable for the project or you need to follow any other format.

Commonly used formats

  • Writing author reference: Author name. (Date of publishing). The title of the book.
  • Date: (2012), (2012, January), (2012, January 30)
  • Volume and page number: Journal of Electronic (28) 2, 143-145
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