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Practical Guidelines For Creating A Research Paper Proposal In The MLA Style

The Modern Language Association or the MLA writing format is basically a set of protocols to be followed while writing research paper proposal and another kind of reports and documents as a reference format. If you want to write a proposal for your paper and looking for the research paper proposal guidelines then you are definitely in the correct place. This article is going to guide you the format and rules to be followed while writing the proposals.

Paradigm to be followed while writing

See when you are writing the proposal or any research paper you should always choose the authentic reference source as this might affect your project. By using a proper source, you can demonstrate the work more precisely and the accountability of your report will be on the source itself. When you are writing a proposal following the MLA format always consider that the First thing to be set is the Margin. The margin of the proposal should be set as 1 from all four sides i.e. Top, bottom, right and left. The second most important criterion is the Font Size. The Font Size should be 12-Pt according to the MLA format and the font should not be very stylish it should be legible. Those are basic guidelines for the Font and margin. Next Guidelines to be followed for research paper proposal format are Text Indentation, Spacing, an order of pages and the Endnote.


The title page is the first page while writing the proposal in MLA format but it is necessary only if your tutor has said to include it in the proposal. The title page includes the name of the person submitting the Paper, to whom it’s submitted i.e. your instructor and the Course you are studying in with the academic year.

The common font that is used in the proposal in this style in “Times” regardless of what you are writing, this the Font adopted in this specific writing style.

Purpose to be fulfilled through the proposal

The main purpose of the proposal is to summarize the study that you have done while writing this report. A proposal describes the details about the theme or the topic you chose and delineate the aspects of research done in writing it. If you want to study more on it then follow this link. The proposal should be able to give your personal information including your background with an attractive introduction, review or summary of your research, academic achievements of various scholars in that particular research topic. Method applied in studying it and the source.