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How To Do A Great Research Paper Introduction In The APA Format

The first impression that comes out of your paper is very important. It determines the perception a reader will have. It even entices one to either read or abandon the paper. Here are how to write a research paper easy steps that will make it captivating to read.

  • Work on Your Topic
    This is the first encounter a reader will have with your work. If the topic is weak and uninteresting, many people will abandon the paper. You need a title that captures the imagination of the reader. You need a title that arouses his imagination and makes the reader anxious to peruse through your entire paper. Make your title relevant such that the expectations a reader has upon laying his hands on your work are met. It should be of your academic grade or the qualification you are looking for.
  • Proper Formatting
    Formatting enables a reader to follow your discussion well without confusion. Other than be misled by citations or quotes, the reader can identify your words and those drawn from other reference materials. Some of the formatting elements to pay attention to include:
    • Double spacing for the entire paper
    • Half an inch indenting for the first line of every paragraph
    • Recommended 12 points font size and the use of Times New Romans font type
    • The inclusion of a running-header for the entire paper
    • A margin that is one inch throughout the paper
    To get formatting right, it is recommended that you use research paper in APA format example. Ensure that the example is obtained from a reliable source like your teacher or the library. Using a poor quality example will lower your performance leading to damaging penalties.
  • Spice the Introduction
    This section is a great determinant of how your paper will be received. If the introduction is catchy and interesting to read, the reception will be great. People will want to read it. To make it interesting, you could quote a reputable report, use a story, quote an authority or personality or create a controversy, among other approaches. The introduction should be precise and point at ideas that will be discussed. It should also indicate the perspective you intend to adapt with your story.

There are many rules on how to do research paper in APA format which might prove difficult to understand. However, you can crack them by using a sample that is proofread. Be consistent on the rules and consult any time you feel uncertain about their application.