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5 Best Places To Look For A Strong Research Paper Conclusion Sample

Writing a conclusion for a research paper needs as much attention as the introduction or the body. Though this section comes last and is short, it plays a crucial role that will determine the grade and impression coming out of the paper. The conclusion can be termed as the last word that will determine the ‘taste’ that remains after a person has completed reading your paper. The conclusion also binds your arguments and ideas with the aim of showing what the discussion was all about. How well the conclusion is crafted will give the reader a good or poor send-off.

What should a research paper conclusion include? This question is best answered using a sample. However, there are poor quality and unverified samples over the internet and from other sources. These samples will mislead you if you depend on them. Where then should you search for quality samples of conclusions to guide you in the drafting process?

  1. Your Tutor – this is a member of the faculty assigned to your class for tutorial purposes. The tutor assists you in crafting your paper. Though tutors provide the assignment, they are mandated to assist in its completion through suggestion of resources and discussion of areas that would be unclear. Approach your tutor for a sample.
  2. Check the Library – these are reservoirs of reference materials for all topics or disciplines. Their purpose is to provide reference materials like examples, templates and samples. Talk to the librarian to guide you in selecting the best sample for your case.
  3. Online Database – these are databases that allow you to access high quality materials anytime and from anywhere. They are run by reputable institutions like libraries or researchers and are aimed at providing a reservoir of high quality materials from all over the world. As your tutor for a recommendation of a reliable database.
  4. Old Paper – the rules and content of the conclusion of a research paper do not change. This allows you to use a paper you had written previously for reference purposes. Ensure that the paper is written in the formatting style your teacher had indicated.
  5. Writing Bureau- – these are online agencies that supply academic materials on request. Contact one such bureau with instructions given by your teacher. They will provide a customized conclusion for your paper at a fee. Their websites also contain examples that will be useful in providing guidance.

Your research paper conclusion determines the reception your paper receives from readers. Make the conclusion captivating and interesting to read. Being the last encounter one will have with your work, it needs to be interesting and impressive.